A Lunch Card program will be in effect immediately for those families that wish to take advantage. The procedure for purchasing the lunch card is below. Lunch cards can be purchased for $50 or $100 per student.  Please make checks payable to Kelley Recruiting Group.  Print your student’s full name and home room on the memo line of the check.  Menus for each month will be posted online or your student may get a printed menu from lunchroom personnel.



  1.  You may send your check or cash in an envelope to the student’s homeroom.  Please put students name and parents email contact on the envelope so we may confirm card has been issued.  The teacher will send the envelope to lunch room personnel for processing and the students
    will be issued a lunch card.  When the available balance on the lunch card is low you will receive a notice that it is time to purchase a new card.
  1. Online payment option at is the preferred method of payment.  Please download free app and make monthly payments through Venmo. 
  1. The lunch card will be retained by lunchroom personnel after each day and redistributed to the students when they enter the lunchroom the next day.
  1. If there are monies left over on the card at the end of the year it will follow the student to the following year.
  1. This card will enable the student to purchase lunches, ala-carte and drinks and can be purchased anytime throughout the school year.
  1. Lunch Gift Certificates may be purchased for the teachers.
  1. Text, email or call Ms. Vicky at 585-690-6723 or,  for more information.