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What is the Parent Teacher League (PTL)?

• It is parents and teachers working together to make Lighthouse Christian School (LCS) an exceptional school for our students.
• We carry out activities that support the educational and spiritual experience of our students.
• We host social and fun events for families and staff to build a strong sense of community.
• We sponsor fundraisers that provide funding for school improvements.
• We organize Room Parents who help teachers with various classroom events.
• It is a rewarding way to stay current and involved in what’s happening at LCS!

Ways to support the PTL

As a member ~ Your membership not only supports the PTL financially, but it grants you a stake in the future of the
organization and its impact on the school. (Dues are $40 per family.) 

Serve as a committee chairperson ~ Taking the lead can be a very rewarding experience.
New faces and fresh ideas are always welcome and appreciated. 

Attend special events and fundraisers ~ Don’t miss out!  These events raise funds to support the PTL’s
programs and are a great way to get to know your school, the staff and the students.

Volunteer for special events and fundraisers ~ Volunteers are the backbone of the PTL; always needed and greatly appreciated.
Get involved and stay connected with the school.  Each family is required to donate 20 hours of their time to PTL events.
$20/hr will be charged for any uncompleted hours.

Provide feedback about the PTL ~ If there’s something you’d like to say, we’d like to hear it!  Comments, questions and
concerns are always welcome.

Communication ~ Communication is the key to any good relationship. Here are the various methods we use to communicate with your family.



Our 2016 - 2017 PTL Officers

Gina Cabrera (President)
Mary Soltesz  (Vice President)
Dalila Dias (Secretary)
Kate Huck (Treasurer)
Sonja Jeffers (Room Mom Coordinator)