The heart of Lighthouse Christian School is experienced daily in Bible class and morning devotions as well as in weekly chapel services.  The goal of the school is promote sound Christian principles, care and concern for one another and the true understanding of God’s word.  Students are encouraged to know and love Jesus Christ through praise, worship and study.  Students are challenged to place their faith in action through community service and global awareness.  


The art program offers an instructional and enjoyable approach to creativity.  Courses focus on design, drawing techniques, color theory, painting techniques, oil pastels, sculpture, graphics, print making, folk art and crafts.  Holiday themes are also incorporated and art adds dimension to all areas of the curriculum.  The school hallways become an art gallery that grows throughout the year culminating in a fine arts exhibit in the spring.

The music program engages students in a research-based, holistic approach to experiencing and creating music.  Students learn about composers, styles and the history of music.  Performances in chapel, holiday events, and nursing homes enhance their experience.  After school music lessons and choir allow the children to expand their exposure.

Physical Education
During the elementary grades, physical education is about being active, getting and keeping fit and having fun.  Children are introduced to activities and movement games that incorporate many aspects of movement, fitness, cooperative play and skill development.  Teamwork and sportsmanship is always stressed.  Middle school students continue with fitness and skill development as well as team sports and team building activities to foster a desire for lifelong physical activity and wellness. 
The entire school population takes part in physical fitness testing annually in accordance with the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.

Foreign Language
Spanish instruction in all grades focuses on building vocabulary and grammar through interactive thematic units of study.  Speaking and listening skills are also stressed.  Students also learn the customs and culture of Spanish speaking countries. French is offered to Middle School students as a language elective if they choose not to continue with Spanish after grade 5.

Technology is evident throughout the facility.  Each classroom is equipped with a flat screen television that is connected to the teacher’s desktop computer.  This allows the computer and television to be used as a projection system for large group teaching. Among the shared resources that inspire the students to learn are Smart Boards, 40 roving laptops, a document camera and laser printers.  Students use the laptops for internet research, word processing, keyboarding, publishing and multimedia presentations.

Media Center
The media center is open daily for school wide use.  Elementary students attend a scheduled weekly class for instruction and special projects.  Students are able to check out books regularly through the web-based library automation and management system.  Reading Counts has been implemented as a reading incentive program for all grade levels.  The continually expanding facility contains books, research materials and periodicals.